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$1000 Companion puppies with Limited Registration


$1400companion puppies with co-ownership


$1600companion puppies with full rights

All puppies will be priced as follows unless otherwise noted.

First time working with a breeder?

Most people have never purchased a puppy from a breeder, or, if they have, its been a really long time. We want this to be a simple, easy, happy experience for everyone involved. We are available to speak with you via email, phone, or, if needed, in person. For us, communication is key. We want to be sure our puppies are going to healthy, balanced homes. We want to see pictures in the future, and hear tons of updates! Its important for us to establish a relationship with each of our puppy owners.

Placing A Deposit

Deposits are non refundable but always transferable.  Meaning, if you don’t fall in love or their aren’t enough puppies of the appropriate gender, you can transfer to the next upcoming litter.  How does choosing work?  Simple!  Show home owners placing deposits will choose in the order the deposit is recieved, but will have first pick over pet/hunting companion homes. For these owners, it is important that the best possible confirmation is obtained in order for them to reach their goals. Once you decide you want to place a deposit, you can mail us either a check or a money order, or for much quicker placement, use paypal or venmo!   Some people worry about sending a check for this part, but we are totally ok with it! After all, its just a deposit.


This would only matter when taking a puppy home. All of our puppies are AKC registered, and for the general public, we offer only “limited” registration. Limited registration is offered through the AKC and does NOT mean that your pup is only partially registered. It only does exactly what it says…”limits” the puppy. These pups are not able to perform in confirmation events or produce AKC registered litters. Its the AKC’s way (and the breeder’s) of saying “hey, this pup/dog is a PET, lets let it BE one..” But dont worry, you can still perform in AKC hunt tests, and all NAVHDA events. And trust us, we WANT you too 🙂


Each puppy will be vaccinated with age appropriate vaccines, and dewormed twice (using 2 different dewormers). We use Strongid dewormer for the younger puppies, and a 5 day course of Panacur dewormer for the older ones. We do fecals on our puppies at 6 weeks to be sure they are clean.  Unless we lock these curious kids in a metal box, we just can’t completely prevent parasites 🙁

Puppy Socialization

We socialize our puppies like crazy. Being in the animal field means that all my friends like animals, too! From the time its safe to have visitors, people are handling and playing with the puppies daily. We do everything possible to ensure the babies arent noise shy (Ok, I admit, we’re just loud people) and we spend lots of time turning each puppy on its back, pulling on its toes and ears…and just generally being annoying. This helps the puppy to recognize people as its dominant pack leader, and to desensitize the puppy for those oh so terrible nail trims. We encourage the new puppy owner to take up this task once the pup goes home. We want well balanced puppies representing us. We do NOT want our puppies to be THE dog all the vet techs are afraid of, or dread seeing on the appointment book.

Payment Process

Purchasing a puppy from us is a painless process, but we’ve recently needed to make some changes to our payment policy. When placing a deposit, a check is fine (although we’d still prefer money order or cash). When picking up your puppy, purchase price must be paid in full, and a money order or cash will be required for this balance. If it is necessary for you to pay with a check, then we will hold the puppy until the check clears, and the balance is settled. We do apologize if this is an inconvenience.

Pick-up & Shipping

If shipping is required to get your puppy from us to you, those charges will be required in full prior to shipping. When possible, we ship direct flights and we generally use Delta. The charges associated with shipping are : Kennel, health certificate, and the actual flight. Those cost do vary, but generally run around $250-280 (all inclusive). We have no control over those charges, so please keep that in mind. As most people know, living in the mountains ANYWHERE, means there is a drive to an airport. We do NOT charge you for gas or for our time.We sometimes may offer to meet halfway, or deliver to your home. At that time, we will charge for gas, but it will be actual gas mileage to and from the point of interest.