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A Little About Us

We make our home in Boonville, NC, just south of Elkin; northwest of Winston Salem and Raleigh, and north of Charlotte. We are easily accessed by interstate, yet far enough away to be ‘in the middle of nowhere’… It’s wonderful and I love it!

So peaceful and absolutely perfect for my spotted brood of shorthairs!

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Rescue or Retired Adults

I feel very passionately that a large part of responsible breeding is rescuing as well.   This breed is wonderful and it is a sad thing to see them discarded on craigslist or dumped at a shelter when their hunting days are over.    Due to that theory, I often either have or know of a rescue that needs a family.  Please feel free to ask!

My breeding family lives with me for a short while.   It would be impossible to maintain a breeding program with growth and change without this.   For some, this seems hard to comprehend, but in reality, the BEST thing for them is retirement.  Medically speaking, an intact dog has a greater risk of reproductive cancers and disorders, so the quicker they can be spayed, the safer!  I retire my girls after 3 litters, and then they each are placed into a family home where most can experience one of their favorite things — kids!

Retired dogs are wonderful gems, and if you’re interested in one, please let me know!

Recent Rescues

Upcoming Litters

We are anticipating several litters:

Garnet & Gus are expecting April 2019

Macie & Gus are expecting May 2019

Sammie & Gus will be bred mid Summer 2019.

Pricing & Process

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For us, communication is key. We want to be sure our puppies are going to healthy, balanced homes.  Please don’t be offended if I ask you to elaborate on your puppy exercise plan, or what your plan is to keep this little guy or gal occupied!  GSP’s are wonderful & versatile companions, but DO require training and work.  They are too smart to be stuck in a box every day, and your life must include play time to keep them happy!

On the same token, never hesitate to ask questions!  Im nearly always reachable via text, or email.  Once you have a Shallowford puppy, rescue, or retiree, you’re family!

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